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Subject: Environment 
i) Answer the following question:
1. How many sense of organs do we have?
2. How do sense organs help us?
3. Write two things you do to help your parents.
4. What is a family?
5. What are festivals?
6. Write any two health eating habits.
ii) Name the parts of the body that rhyme with these words.
1. Sand- 2. Rose - 3. Faire- 4. Beck- 5.Thin-
6. Peg- 7. Lace- 8. Farm-
iii) Match the activity to the body part.
1. Clap a. Eyes
2. Watch Television b. Hands
3. Smell flower c. Ears
4. Listen to music d. Nose
5. Taste ice cream e. Legs
6. Running f. Tongue
IV) Match the different religions to their places of worship.
1. Christians a. Gurudwara
2. Sikhs b. Church
3. Hindus c. Mosque
4. Muslims d. Temple
V) Name the following.
1. Five sense organs. 2. Any four festivals. 3. Two main sources of food.
4. Three meals in a day.

1. Four uses of water.
Ans: Drinking, Cooking, Washing, Bathing.
2. Three underground sources of water.
Ans: Wells, tubewells, handpumps.
3. Write Yes Or No.
i. We should not respect our family members. Ans: No.
ii. A small family is a nuclear family. Ans: Yes.
iii. Members of a family help each other. Ans: Yes.
iv. Parents feel sad when their children help them. Ans: No.
v. A joint family is a big family. Ans: Yes.

Lesson-6 Page-51
i. We can store water in a bucket. Ans:Yes.
ii. Plants need water to live and grow. Ans: Yes.
iii. Water has a smell. Ans: No.
iv. We can live without water. Ans: No.
v. Animals need water to drink. Ans: Yes.
vi. Water is colourless. Ans: Yes.
vii. Animals need water for cooking. Ans: No.
viii. We should waste water. Ans: No.
ix. Plants do not need water. Ans:No
x. We should not turn off the tap while brushing. Ans:No
Lesson-7 Omitted.

Subject: Computer
1. Answer the following question:
i. What is a Computer?
ii. What is a Machine?
iii. How Does a Computer run?
iv. Name three machines that need electricity to work?
v. Is Computer a machine?
vi. How does a machine help us?
vii. Write three places where computer are use?
viii. For what purpose does a Bank Manager use a computer?
ix. How does a computer help a Railway Employee?
x. How does a Doctor use a computer?
xi. Write three uses of a Computer?
2. Fill in the blank:
i. Computer is also a ___machine_.
ii. Computer can __remember__ many things.
iii. Computer is a __data__ processing device.
iv. Machines need __electricity__ to work.
v. Machines never get __tired__.
vi. Machines can do work __faster__.
3. Tick (√) the correct answer:- Text book Page No- 7, 8, 14(b).
4. Write (T) for True or (F) for False: Text Book Page No- 8.
5. Fill in the missing Letters to complete the names of the machines: - Text Book Page No- 8.

Subject: Arithmetic

Do the exercises in page 4,5,8,17

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Subject: Bengali

Repeat what was done in class.

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Subject: Grammar
1. Short Essay on “The Dog”.
2. Answer the questions.
i. What are vowels?
ii. What is a sentence?
iii. What is a noun?
1. What are pronouns? Give examples.
Ans: Words used in place of a noun are called pronouns. Eg-I, We, he, she, it, they.
2. When do we use he/she/I and we  ?
Ans: We use he/she/I and we for people.
3. Write [S] for sentences or [N] for Not sentence for the following.
i. My sister is one year old.        ii. Tiger in the
iii. My brother’s            iv. Let the class
v. I love to eat cake.            vi. John had a little cat.
vii. The boy is sleeping.        viii. River Ganga
ix. Sun rises in the east.        x. I have a new bag.
4. Fill up the missing vowels.
i. C____r        ii. D___n        iii. D___er    iv. B___s        v. B___ll       
vi. M___on    vii. S___n        viii. ___ce    ix. C___w        x.F___sh
xi. F___r        xii. Dr___m    xiii. B___d    xiv. C___p
5. Arrange in sentences.
i. grass the is eating cow        ii. cream I ice love
iii. doll I a have big            iv. read I in 1 class
6. Fill with ‘many’ words.
i. There are ripe _________in the basket.
ii Mark lives with his uncle and his __________.
iii. I saw many ________in the zoo.
iv. There are many _______in the box.
v. The birthday house is full of ____________.
vi. The _________are playing in the park.
1. Use pronouns for the following.
i. My name is Tina, I am a girl.
ii. Rohan reads in class-I. He is good in studies.
iii. Miss Jamatia is my Teacher. She loves me.
iv. Tom has a football. He wants us to play with him.
v. John, Roy and Khan are boys. They love to play cricket.
vi. Mummy and I are going for shopping. We often go together.
1. Dark clouds     2. Partner        3. Notebook    4. Suddenly    5. Cute pup
6. Rain coat    7. Scared        8. Gardener    9. Knocked    10. Straight
11. Vehicles    12. Carefully    13. Tongue    14. Bed sheet    15. Example
16. Conduct    17. Elbow        18. Blocks    19. Untidy    20. Slowly

(Practise at home)
1. Newspaper    2. Covers        3. Faith        4. Curtain        5. Still
6. Correct        7. Everyone    8. Something    10. Swims    11. Crawls
12. Laughed    13. Forest    14. Touch        15. Family    16.Wind

Subject: English  literature
A. Answer the following questions.
1. Why did the boy cry ?
2. Where did the sheep run away?
3. Why did Seema fall?
4. When did she start crying?
5. Where is Seema’s school bag
Ans:- Seema’s school bag is on the floor.
6. Where is Amol coming from?
Ans:- Amol was  coming back from school.
7. What did Amol do when it begins to rain?
Ans:- Amol stood under a tree when it began to rain.
8. Who did Miss Polly call for?
Ans:- Miss Polly called for the doctor.
9. What did the doctor come with?
Ans:-The doctor came with her bag and her hat.
10. What did Polly have ?
Ans:- Miss Polly had a dolly.
B.Match the following.
1.The baby                       a. to have her                          
2. Papa puts Tina                b. paper                  
3.Tina smiles                    c.  lace
4.Tina moves her leg             d. cover                    
5.Tina moves her hands           e.  shelf
6.Baby’s name                    f. sleeps a lot.
7.The baby came home with        g. when Didi claps.
8.They are happy                 h. when Didi touches her cheeks.  
9.Book                           i.  is Tina.
10.bed                           j. in Didi’s  lap.
11.News                          k. when Didi brings a toy.
12.Shoe                          l. Mama and Papa.
C. Fill in the blanks.(Lesson 2)
a. A  bee    ___________        b. A snake ___________    c. A fish     ___________
d. A rabbit ___________        e. A duck   ___________     f. A horse ___________
Lesson 3 (page 19)
g. Seema has a __________room.    h. The bedcover is ______    i. Seemas room is __________
j. One shoe is on the _________
D.Make many words by adding S.
a. Boy  - ___________        b. Key -___________    c. Lock -___________
d. Kite -___________        e. Goat – ___________    f. Plate – ___________
Lesson 3. Clouds
5.Complete the following sentence.
1. White Sheep, White Sheep
On a  _________________.
2. When the wind stops,
You all ______________
3. When the wind blows,
 You walk ___________
4. White Sheep, White Sheep,
Where ______________
6. Write the Opposite words.
1.Above   - _____________         7.Happy   - _____________    
2. Dirty    - _____________       8.Sleep    - _____________ 
3.Laugh   - _____________         9. Give     - _____________ 
4. Over    - _____________        10. Go     - _____________ 
5. Small   - _____________        11.Early   - _____________ 
6. Walk   - _____________         12. Fast   - _____________ 
7.Fill in with ‘ai’  ‘ay’ ‘oll’  ‘at’  ‘ell’  ‘ain’   ‘ill’ ‘ar’   (Page21 and 28)
CH __  __ R      TR  __ __N      TR __ __        P__ __ __
PL __ __         BR __ __ N      SH __ __ __     D __ __ __               
CO __ __         BE __ __
8. Learn the poem ‘To the Moon’

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