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Question 1.  A hnuaia thupui zing a duh ber hmangin thumal 400 velin thu han  phuan teh.                                      
a) Mihring nuna Technology hmasawn zelin nghawng a neih nasat zia.
b) Lungpui pawh lungte in a kamki loh chuan a awm thei lo.
c) Zirlai a pass ringawt hi Thiamna tak tak a tling em? Thiamna dik tak ni a I hriat I ngaihdan han ziak teh.

Question 2.  A hnuai thute hi ngun takin chhiar la zawhnate hi chhang rawh.
                     Khuangchawi hi Mizo sakhaw kawngkala rah bi pawimawh ber leh ropui ber a ni a. Chuvangin a hunah pawh zorama hun nuam ber pakhat leh thla en zual lai ber October thla an thlang a. Chuvangin khangchawi thla an vuah thin. An nitin hna thawhrim em em an chawlhsan hun favang awllen lai a ni nghe nghe. Sechal pahnih, sepui pakhat leh vawkpa pahnih a tlem berah an talh ngei ngei tur ani. Heng hian awmzia a nei hrang theuh va. Vawk pa te zawk chu Pathian sa an ti a, pakhat dang chu Sa biakna a ni ve leh a, sechal pahnih kha khua pual deuh a ngaih a ni. Tin, sepui chu tlangphal anti a, mual buh tur a ni. Naupang  pual a ni a, buhchiar tawh lovin an chum a, ruai an siam sak thin. Khuangchawi tur a an inbuatsaih fel hnu chuan khuangchawi ni takah, khuang,dar, feipui leh silai nen a inthuamin an thawkchhuak ta a. A lamturte chuan Haituk an tih tawite chuan zu an pai theuhva. Valupa in hma a hruai a. An kalna tur  khua atangin thawm an hriat theihna tur tlangah hlado an han chham vang vang a, tlan an tlir ta a. an kap ri ulh ulh a. A hmuak tur in khuangchawi khua te chu zupeng akin an thawk chuak ve bawk a. Thingdim ho chuan a hmuak tute nen an intawh hma deuhvin Khual lam an tan ve bawk a.  Vawk lallenin kal pahin an lam dual dual a. An han intawh meuh chuan zu an in tulh a, tuibur an hmuam nawk nawk bawk thin. A hmuaktu zing a upa ber chuan dar lam leh khuangpui lamin hma a hruai a, an lam bawk a. Khuangchawi nu leh pa tan ni ropui, khawtlang  tan hlimni a tling thin.
a) Khawngchawi a an ran talh turte awmzia neih kha ziak rawh.  
b) Eng vang a khuangchawi thla vuah nge an nih a, he hun kher a khuang an chawi thin?      
c) Khuangchawi turte inbuahsaih dan leh khua an rawn luh dan sawi rawh.
d) Thing dim ho lam dank ha ssawi teh.       

Question 3.  Heng part of speech te hi entirna pakhat theuh pe teh.         
a) Noun        b) Verb        c) Adjective    d) Conjunction    e)Interjection

[ I zirlai bu thumte atangin zawhna pakhat theuh chhang la. A dang pakhat I duh ber chhang bawk rawh ]

Question 4. Hmangaihna chi thumte kha sawi la, hmangaihna dik chu eng nge ni?
Question 5.  Anni leh keini tih essay Siamkima’n a zinna ram nen kan inan lohna a sawite kha ziak rawh.                                               
Question 6. Heng hla thute hi Mizo tawng tluang pangaiin hand ah teh.  

Kumsul lam ang a lo her chang hian,
Sikni eng mawi a rawn thlen leh ta.
Zingtian lenkawl leh ram loh lentu,
Thingsiri zar tin an mawi mang e.
Thlir ve u khawvel mawina hi;
Nungcha rawl leh par tin hian,
Siamtu fakin zai an tar,
Hringmi leng hian dawn thiam ve maw?


Question 7.  Dina’n Ngaihawmi a tawn dank ha sawi la. Sanga  a hrilh dan kha ziak bawk rawh.          
Question 8. Sangate thian zaho Ngaihawmi te ina an len chanchin ngaihnawm takin ziak rawh.                                      
Question 9.  Ngaihawmi rilru tihah tu kha eng nge ni a? Sanga laka a rilru put hmang kha han sawi teh.         


Question 10.  A nu dam laia Hminga te chhuangkaw hlim tak an nih thin zia kha sawi rawh.        
Question 11.  Hmingate’n khua an chhuahsan chhan kha sawi la. Khua an chhuahsan hnu a an thil tawnte kha sawi bawk rawh.    
Question 12. Hminga te unau nun a Zema pawimawhna sawi rawh.    

Ch 1: Exercise [ Examination Corner]
Q No 3, 4, 5, 10 {Short answer}
Ch 3: Exercise [ Examination Corner]
Q No 2, 5, 7, 8 {Short answer}
Q No 3,4, 5, 7 {Long answer}
Ch 11 Exercise [ Examination Corner]
Q No 1, 2, 3

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Subject: History & Civics
1. Main features of the Government of India Act.
2. Critically assess the working of the congress ministries from 1937 to 1939 in the Provinces.
3. Under what national and international circumstances was The Cripps Mission sent to India in 1942? State any four proposals of the Cripps Mission Plan.
4. Give an account of the repressive measures adopted by the Govt. to supress the Quit India Movement.
5. Discuss the circumstances that led to the British Govt. to send the Cabinet Mission to India in 1946. List the main proposal of the Cabinet Mission Plan.
6. What led to the observance of Direct actions Day by the Muslim League on August 16, 1946?
7. Explain the main features of the Mounbatten Plan.
8. Why did the congress agree to the proposal for the partition of India?
9. Discuss the nature of the River water dispute between India and Pakistan after 1947. How was it resolved?
10. Dscuss the growth of socialist ideas ithin congress.

1. State the aims of Hiter's foreign policy and his plan to fulfil those aims.
2. How did Hitler achieve his aims with refernec to the following:
(i) The reoccupation of Rhinsland in 1936    (ii) The Anschluss 1938
3. In the context of the rapid growth of African nationalism and decolonizaion in Africa discuss:
(i) Kenya's struggle for freedoms under the leadership of Jomo Kenyatta
(ii) The initial achievements of Kwame Nkrumah.
(iii) The field of internal and external affairs of Ghana.
4. Explain the reasons for Nkrumah's downfall and eventual overthrow from power in 1966.

PROJECT: The first generalelections of Independent India (1952). Its results and impact.

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Write a composition (400-450words) on any one of the following:
(a) Do you think we are happier than our forefathers? Give your opinion.
(b) Some of our richest experience takes place when we travel.Narrate one of the memorable experiences you had when you were travelling.
(c) 'Men have failed, let women take over'. Argue for or against the given statement.
(a)Write a report (in approximately 300 words) with the title: Floods in Chennai. Base the report on the points given below:
Date and place - cause of floods - disruption of road and rail traffic - rescue operations- financial loss- Prime Minister's visit and remarks- President's message.
(You may also include other relevant details.)
(b) As the head of the Students Wings of RWA of your colony, you have been given the responsibility by the MLA of your area to organise the students of your colony and undertake cleanliness drive in your area. Write
a proposal, in not more than 150 words, stating the steps you would take to organise this cleanliness drive.

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Short Questions:
1. Differentiate between dry heat and moist heat method of cooking with examples.
2. List 4 advantages of microwave cooking.
3. State 4 safety measures while using microwave oven.
4. State 4 disadvantages of a solar cooker.
5. Why has solar cooking become popular as a modern method of cooking.
6. What is the effect of heat on starchy food?
7. Effect of cooking on: sugar, proteins, oils and fats.
8. How does germination / sprouting increase the nutritive value of foods?
9. What is parboiling?
10. Advantages of liming and puffing.
Broad Questions:
1. Discuss biogas and its advantages.
2. What is principle of solar cooking and its advantages.
3. Discuss on microwave oven.
4. Importance of combination of foods.
5. What are the ways to minimise loss of nutrients.
6. Common pre-cooking procedures.
Short Questions:
1. State 4 objectives of meal planning.
2. List 4 advantages of meal planning.
3.List any 4 factors that affect meal planning.
4. " Tradition and religious belief affect food selection." Explain it.
5. What is a balanced diet?
6 What is food fad?
7. What is special diet?
8. What is binge eating disorder?
9. What are the foods tht should be avoided and included during: i) fever, ii) diarrhea iii) obesity   iv) diabetes
v) hypertension    vi) constipation.
10. What are the nutritional requirements for adolescents?
Broad Questions:
1. Importance of meal planning.
2. Explain how economical factor affects food selection.
3. Discuss on Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia.
4. Discuss the importance of breakfast.
5. A day meal planning for : i) i) fever, ii) diarrhea iii) obesity   iv) diabetes
Short Questions:
1. What is the importance of storing foods?
2. What is perishable, semi-perishable and non-perishable foods. Give examples.
3. How to store eggs at home?
4. How to store cereals and pulses at home?
5. How to store fruits and vegetables at home?
Broad Questions:
1. General idea of selection, purchasing and storing of coomon foods at home.
Short Questions:
1. What is food preservation?
2. What is food preservative?
3. What are the different types of preservatives (natural and chemical)?
4. What is bacterial and bacteriostatic method of food preservation. Give examples.
Broad Questions:
1. Advantages of food preservation.
2. Causes of food spoilage.
3. Role of micro-organisms and enzymes in food spoilage.

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Subject: Economics
1. Differentiate between Micro and Macro Economics.
2. Concept of demand Curve and its derivation.
3. Distinguish between Extension of demand and Increase of demand.
4. Concept of law of diminishing marginal Utility.
5. Factors affecting price elasticity of demand
# Assignment : Household Survey

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Subject: Political Science
Chapter 1
i) Discuss four advantages and four disadvantages of Liberal Democratic State.
ii) Mention the features of Authoritarian and Totalitarian State.
iii) Mention the differences between Authoritarian and Totalitarian State.
Chapter 2
i) Discuss four main points of differences between Unitary and Federal state.
ii) Discuss four Unitary and four federal features of Indian State.
iii) “The US Constitution is a truly federal constitution.” Discuss.
Chapter 3
i) Discuss the characteristic features of Indian Parliamentary system.
ii) Discuss four merits (advantage) and four demerits (disadvantage) of Parliamentary form of government.
iii) Discuss four main features of Presidential form of government.
Chapter 4
i) Discuss three merits and three demerits of Rigid and Flexible Constitution.
ii) Describe the four different kinds of constitution with appropriate examples.
iii) What is a constitution? State any six qualities of a good constitution.
iv) What are conventions? Mention four conventions of the constitutions of India and USA.
Chapter 5
i) What is Universal Adult Franchise? Discuss three arguments for and against of Universal Adult Franchise.
ii) Discuss four merits and four demerits of Single(One) Party System.
iii) Discuss four merits and four demerits of Bi(two) Party Syatem.
iv) What is Representation? Discuss three merits and three demerits of Territorial Representation and Proportional Representation.

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Subject: Sociology
Answer in Short:
1) Define the term Social institution?
2) Distinguish between Clan and Gotra?
3) Define Phratry?
4) Define Covade?
5) Define Amitate?
6) Distinguish between Affinal Kinship and Consanguineous Kinship?
7) Define the term Superstitions?
8) Define the term Naturism?
9) Define the term Animism?
10) According to Durkheim what are the three major functions of religion for the operation of society?
11) Define the term Communalism?
12) Define the term Fundamentalism?
13) What do you mean by the term Secularism?
14) What do you mean by Karma?
15) Define Profane and Sacred?
Answer in broad:
1) Write a short note on Range of Kinship?
2) Define degree of Kinship. Explain its types?
3) Briefly explain the different forms of Kinship usages?
4) Explain Lewis H. Morgan views on clan?
5) Discuss the role of Marriage among: - (any two)
a) Kharia        b) Ho        c) Khasi
6) What are the various forms or rules related to Marriage?
7) Discuss the various ways of Acquiring Mates?
8) How did functionalist define religion?
9) What are the characteristic features of Communalism?
10) Write the different between functions and dysfunctions of religion?
11) What are the features of Secularism?
12) Define the three major function of Taboo with examples?
13) Define Fetishism with an example?
14) Define the following terms:        a. Totem         b. Magic         c. Beliefs

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Subject: Mathematics
Section: C
Chapter 2:  Linear Regession
All the examples
Exercise 2:
Q A: 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 12, 15,16,17,18
Q B: 1,2,3,8,11,12
Also the homework given in class.

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