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Write a composition (400-450words) on any one of the following:
(a) Do you think we are happier than our forefathers? Give your opinion.
(b) Some of our richest experience takes place when we travel.Narrate one of the memorable experiences you had when you were travelling.
(c) 'Men have failed, let women take over'. Argue for or against the given statement.
(a)Write a report (in approximately 300 words) with the title: Floods in Chennai. Base the report on the points given below:
Date and place - cause of floods - disruption of road and rail traffic - rescue operations- financial loss- Prime Minister's visit and remarks- President's message.
(You may also include other relevant details.)
(b) As the head of the Students Wings of RWA of your colony, you have been given the responsibility by the MLA of your area to organise the students of your colony and undertake cleanliness drive in your area. Write
a proposal, in not more than 150 words, stating the steps you would take to organise this cleanliness drive.

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Ms. Khakchangti Debbarma: 9774285962
Mr. Rikib Daurai: 7005598423

Subject: Mathematics (Science)
1. Relation (Including All solved examples and Exercises.)
2. Matrices (Including All solved examples and Exercises.)
3. Adjoint and Inverse of Matrix (Including All solved examples and Exercises.)
4. Determinant (Including All solved examples and Exercises.)
5. System of Linear Equations : Mat. method & Det. method (Including All solved examples and Exercises.)
6. Indefinite Integral : upto By PARTS. (Including All solved examples and Exercises.)
7. Differential Equations : upto Homogeneous. (Including All solved examples and Exercises.)

For further queries and help kindly contact the following teachers:
Mr. Manoj Debnath.     WhatsApp no: 9089139021
Ms. Priyanka Debnath.    WhatsApp no: 8974813741

Subject: Biology
Chapter 1: Reproduction
All the exercise questions to be solved
Chapter 5: Genetics
All the exercise questions to be solved

For further queries and help kindly contact the following teachers:
Mrs. Catherine Kalai: 9774319962
Mr. Subir Roy: 9862463903

Subject: Physics
1. Expression for drift velocity.
2. Derive Ohm's Law in vector form.
3. Kirchhoff's law
4. Conversion of Galvometer to  (i) Ammeter    (ii) Voltmeter
5. Characteristics of a P.N Junction diode.
6. Diode as a (i) Half wave (ii) Full- Wave rectifier
7. Common emitter characteristics.
8. Circuit diagram of (i) common emitter characteristics using p.n.p transition.
9. Common emitter transistor amplifier.
10. Phase reversal
11. Truth Table and Symbolic diagram of (i) OR Gate    (ii) AND Gate (iii) NOT Gate  (iv) NAND Gate    (v) NOR Gate
12. By using NAND Gate design: (i) NOT Gate (ii) AND Gate  (iii) OR Gate

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Mr. Srijan Saha.        WhatsApp no:7005442919
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Subject: Chemistry
Choose any one of the following topics and write at least a 15-20 page project on A4 Size papers (Xerox Papers) :
1. Amino acids: Peptides, structure and classification, proteins structure and their role in the growth of living beings.
2. Nucleic Acid: DNA and RNA – their structure. Unique nature. Importance in evolution and their characteristic features.
3. Carbohydrates and their metabolism, Blood - haemoglobin and respiration.
4. Vitamins and hormones
5. Simple idea of chemical evolution.
6. Natural polymers (any five) - structure, characteristics, uses. Synthetic polymers (any five) - method of preparation, structure, characteristics and uses.
7. Types of Dyes - methods of preparation,characteristics and uses.
8. Chemicals in medicines: antiseptics, antibiotics, antacids, etc. and their uses.
9. Preparation of soap, nail polish, boot polish,varnish, nail polish remover, shampoo and  perfumes.
10. Chemicals and chemical processes in forensic studies.
11. Insecticides, pesticides and chemical fertilisers.
12. Ancient Indian medicines and medicinal plants.
13. Organic Chemistry in Nutrition, Food Science and Biotechnology.
14. Effect of Green House Gases.
15. How Plastics have changed the world, both socially and economically.

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