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I. Answer the following questions:
1) Where was Ducky going and what did she do?
2) What did the sparrow say to Ducky?
3) What happens after the rain is over?
4) Who went to look for the deer and why?
5) What did the tortoise do after he was free?
6) Why do we love our school?
7) How were the tree saved?
8) Why did the three men come to the village and what did they carry with them?
9) Wher was Naina and Sona going?
10) Why did Sona wish to live in Shillong?
II. Choose the correct words from the brackets and fill in the blanks:
1) I am a duck. I can ________________( swim/fly).
2) I am a horse. I can _______________( crawl/gallop).
3) When the rain stops, the sun___________(blooms/shines).
4) We read the poem to ______________(enjoy/sleep).
5) The deer thought of a plan to save the_____________(crow/tortoise).
6) A tiger has __________________(stripes/spots).
7) Naina and Sona were going to _____________(Shimla/Shillong).
8) The driver from Guwahati to Shillong takes ____________(Three/Four) hours.
9) Sona_________________(loves/sings) the drive.
10) Granny ______________(writes/packs) a picnic basket.
11) Buds grow into ________________( flowers/seed).
12) The deer goy trapped in a ____________________(net/cup).
III. Who said these words and to whom:
1) You need strong feet live mine- Sparrow to Ducky.
2) I wish, I could hop like you- Ducky to Rabbit.
3) Do you have sharp claws? – Hen to Ducky.
4) Why don’t you stay with? – Tortoise to Deer.
5) Stop don’t touch that tree – Villagers to Three men.
6) What will these men do with the axes?-Karan to Karim.
7) Can you tell us the way to the forest?- The men to Deboo Chacha.
8) How much longer?- Naina to Grandma.
9) The driver from Guwahati to Shillong take three hours – Grandma to Naina.
10) There is a village on your side – Sona to Grandpa.
IV. Write the opposite of these words: Page. 89 (C) , Page. 34 (D).
V.True or False: Page.20 (A) , Page. 25 (A) , Page. 29 (A).
VI. Matching : Page. 9 (G), Page . 29 (A).
VII. Complete the word pairs: Page. 26 (E) --- Extra
1) Pen and Pencils
2) Knife and fork
3) Read and Write
4) Shoes and socks
VIII. Poem: 1) The Raindrops 2) Books.
Lesson – 4
1) Where was Naina and Sona going?
Ans:- Naina and Sona were going to Shillong to spend their holidays with grandma and grandpa.
2) Why did Sona ask Grandpa to drive slowly?
Ans:- Sona asked Gravdpa to drive slowly because there was so much to see on the way in Shillong.
3) What is the best time to visit Shillong?
Ans:- March and April are the  best time to visit Shillong.
4) Why did Sona wish to live in Shillong?
Ans:- Sona wished to live in Shillong because there were so many beautiful places to visit.
She would love to play with the children and learn their language.
5) What does ‘ An-Ching Ka-sa a Shillong ‘mean?
Ans:-‘ An- Ching Ka-sa a Shillong ‘ means we love Shillong.

1. Complete each word with vowels:
1) ___ppl___    2) C__k__    3) m__us__    4) g__t__        5) S__ns__t
6) C__ __t    7)ra__nb__w    8) d__ nn__r    9) h__rs__    10) k__t__        11) p__nc__l    12) g__m__    13) r__bb__t    14) c__lo__r
2. Write these words in alphabetical order:
1) lemon        grapes        orange        banana        kiwi
2) rose        lotus        dahlia        jasmine        hibiscus
3) duster        table        clock        glass        board
4) Kochi        Goa        Bhuj        Pune        Delhi
5) frock        pant        cap        shirt        gloves
3) Rewrite these sentences. Begin with a capital letter and end with a full stop or a question mark:
1) rosy and gini are friends        6) is nita doing good
2) my uncle lives in ladakh        7) friday comes after thursday
3) are we going for a picnic        8) the taj mahal is in agra
4) i am going to rita’s birthday        9) how many days are there in a week
5) mr tiwari has gone to dubai        10) when do we celebrate republic day
4. Write Two special names for each:
1) Mountain ________________     _________________
2) Friend ___________________    ________________
3) Country __________________    _________________
4) Newspaper_______________    __________________
5) River  ___________________    __________________
6) State  ___________________    __________________
5. Write the female words:
    Male        Female                         Male        Female
1) brother –                    11) horse –                
2) father –                    12) tiger-
3) nephew –                    13) bull -
4) boy –                        14) master -
5) king –                        15) son -
6) husband –                    16) prince -
7) uncle –                        17) drake -
8) duke-                        18) emperor -
9) duke –                        19) poet -
10) actor -                    20) monk –
6. Replace the underlined words with Pronouns:
1) My dad likes to go swimming.
2) Bill and I are playing.
3) My sister has a pink doll.
4) The children are very loud.
5) The dog barks every night.
6) I like to sing with my friends.
7) The students are making clay pots.
8) The book has a blue covers.
9) The firemen rescued the baby.
10) Emily and I love dancing.
11) Seema lives in a village.
12) Kanya and Manya are friends.
13) Papa and I are going to the shop.
14) The Postman is at the door.
15) My mom cooks really well.
16) The bird is made of gold.
7. Questions:
1. How many letters are there in English alphabet?
2. How many vowels are there? What are they?
3. What is a dictionary?
4. How does a sentence begin and end?
5. What is Subject? Give example.
6. What is Predicate? Give example.
7. What is Special name? Give example.
8. When do we add ‘S’ to noun? Give example.
9. What are called pronouns? Give example.
10. When do we use pronouns ‘they’? Give example.
11. What is a verb? Give example.
12. When do we use ‘was’ in a sentence? Give example.
Lesson – 5
1) What is a verb? Give example.
Ans:- A verb is a woed that shows an action or a state of being. A verb tells us what the Subject performs.
E.g:- 1) Jacob Walks in the morning.
         2) Children play in the field.
         3) Rita is writing a poem.
2) When do we add ‘ing’ to the words? Give examples.
Ans:- We add ‘ing’ to the words to talk about an action that is going on as we speak.
E.g:- 1) Meera is flying a kite.
         2) Raju is eating watermelon.
         3) My mother is cooking dinner.
3) When do we use ‘is’ ? Give example.
Ans:- We use ‘is’ when we speak about one person or thing.
E.g:- 1) Anu is a girl.
         2) Puppy is playing in the mud.
         3) This is my School.
4) When do we use ‘are’ ? Give example.
Ans:- We use ‘are’ when we speak about more than one person or thing.
E.g:- 1) Anu and Pinky are friends.
         2) Apples are in the basket.
         3) We are students.
5. When do we use ‘was’ in a sentence? Give example.
Ans:- We use ‘was’ in place of ‘is’ when we talk about something that has already happened.
E.g:- 1) It is raining  -     It was raining.
         2) she is crying –   She was crying.
         3) It is a holiday –  It was a holiday.

1. Write in words : (1 – 500)
2. Write in figures : (1 – 500)
3. Write in Expanded Form: ( Ex- 1.3)
4. Write in Short Form: (Ex- 1.3 , 8.2)
5. Put the sign > ,< or = : (Ex-1.4)
6. What comes between: (Ex- 1.4)
7. Arrange in ascending order: (Ex-1.5)
8. Arrange in descending order: (Ex- 1.5)
9. Addition : ( Ex-2.3, 2.4, 8.3)
10. Subtraction : ( Ex- 3.3, 3.5,8.4)
11. Problem Sums : (Ex-2.6- 1,2,3,4)     (Ex- 3.7- 1,2,3,4)

I. Broad Question:
1) How can you take care of your body parts?
2) Write any 6 good habits you have learnt from your family.
3) Why do we need food?
II. Short answers:
1) Who are differently-abled people?
2) What is called a nuclear family?
3) What is called a family?
4) Which food are called junk food?
5) What is a dam?
6) What happen when the ice melts?
7) How can we make water fit for drinking?
8)Why do houses on hills have sloping roofs?
III. Short notes:
1) Kutcha House    2) Pucca House    3) Igloos    4) Burj Khalifa
5)Bunglow        6)Ideal Home
IV. Fill in the blanks: Page.20 (A), Page.30 (A), Page.37 (A)
V. True or False :Page.45 (B), Page.51 (B)
VI. Name them :
1) 5  Sense organs.        2) 3  External organs.    3) 3 Internal organs.   
4) 3 things you do to help your parents.        5) 3 main food groups.    6) 2 dry fruits you like to eat.
7) Any 3 of your favourite cartoons.
VII. Write 7 sentences about yourself.
Lesson -5
1) How can we make water fit for drinking?
Ans:- We can make water fit for drinking by boiling and filtering.
2) Write 2 ways in which water get polluted?
Ans:- i) Waste from factories flowing into rivers.
          ii) People bathing and washing clothes in water bodies.
3) Write one way in which you can save water?
Ans:- Use a bucket to take bath.
1) What happens when the ice melts?
Ans:- When the ice melts it becomes water and flow down as streams and falls into rivers.
2) What is a dam?
Ans:- A dam is a wall built across a river. It has special gates that can be opened or closed to control the flow of water.
Lesson- 6
1) Why do houses on hills have sloping roofs?
Ans:- Houses on hills have sloping roofs help the rain and snow to slide off.
2) How do you keep your house clean?
Ans:- We keep our house clean by sweeping and mopping.
Short notes:
1) Kutcha House: Kutcha house is a temporary house made of mud, straw, wood and stones.
2) Pucca House: Pucca house is a permanent house made of strong materials like bricks, cement, iron etc.
3) Igloos: Igloos are houses made of ice blocks. They are found in very cold places like Greenland.
4)Burj Khalifa: Burj Khalifa is in Dubai. It is the tallest building in the world more than 10 times the height of Qutub Minar.
5) Ideal Home: An Ideal Home is one which has many doors and windows that allow fresh air and sunlight to enter.
6) Bunglow: A Bunglow is a single –storeyed house with a garden.

1) Strong.        2) Field.        3) Favourite    4) Organ.        5) Sharp.        6) Elbow.        7) Shoulder.     8) Immediate.    9) Bonding.    10) Path.        11) Family.    12) Little. 13) Shade.    14) Smiling    15) Village.    16) Heavy.    17) Festival.   
18) Taste.    19) Habits.    20) Manners.    21) Improve.    22) Chew.    23)Crawl.
24) Cleaning.    25) Raindrops    26) Town.        27) Mailbox.    28) Plough.
29) Reflection.    30) Shadow.    31) Mirror.    32) Newspaper.    33) Shining.   
34) Garbage.    35) Flowing    36) Obedient.    37) Assembly.    38) Nature.       
39) Shelves.    40) Kitchen.    41) Country.    42) Hospital.    43) Garden.    44) Airport.
45) Holiday.    46) Travel.    47) Scissor.    48) Museum.    49) Thick.   
50) Feather.

1. Answer the following question:
i. What is Input?
ii. What is Output?
iii. How does a Computer Works?
iv. What are the features of a Computer?
v. What is Viruses?
vi. Write the adverse effect of using a Computer on our health?
vii. What are the uses of an ATM?
viii. Write 3 uses of computer in Offices?
ix. Write 3 uses of computer in Hospitals?
x. Write 3 uses of computer in Schools?
xi.Write 3 uses of computer at Railway Stations & Airports?
2. Tick (√) the correct answer:- Text book Page No- 10 & 17.
3. Match the column: Textbook Page No-16.
4. Write C for Computer and P for People: Textbook Page No-9.
5. Fill in the blank:
i. Computer these days are widely use for creating ___ movies.            Ans: cartoon
ii. Computers are used in a___to keep record of the transaction.            Ans: bank
iii. At an __ computer are used for booking aeroplane journey tickets.            Ans: airport
iv. In an __ computer are use for typing letters and other documents.            Ans: office
v. At a ___ computers are used for matching the finger print of criminals.         Ans: Police station
vi. At a __ computer are used for generating results of the students.            Ans: schools
vii. A computer is a ____ machine.                        Ans: multipurpose

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