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1. Poem – The silent snake & AEIOU (8 lines)
2. Word meanings (from book)
Mayflies, dumb,grasses deep,embers,lantern,creatures,awful nice,snug,creepylike,niche,sly,boulder,supple plates,gnaw at.
3. Rearrange the jumble words to make correct sentences. Add punctuation marks where needed.
Lesson 1(p-10) H, lesson -6(p-51) F.
4. Answer the following questions:
a) Why was Toad excited to see Rat and Mole?
b) What did Toad invite Rat and Mole for?
c) How did Toad feel when he saw the car?
d) What do you think Rat said he would never go on a trip with Toad again?
e) Where was the palace? How was it kept warm?
f) What did the little girl say and do when the messenger knocked on her door?
g) What was the main difference between the first two people that the messenger met,and
the little girl?
h) Describe in your own words what the ‘things’ do at night.
i) What is the child not scared of?
j) What did Aladdin find when he went down the steps?
k) How did Aladdin get back his palace and the princess?
l) Do you think that the stranger really wanted to help Aladdin? Why?
m) Describe a newborn opossum.
5. Read these sentences and answer the questions:
a) The armadillo is a strange little animal that looks like something out of a storybook
i) What makes an armadillo look like a ‘strange little animal’?
ii) What does an armadillo mother have at one time?
iii) How many babies does an armadillo mother have at one time?
b) They realised that this was because ‘selfless love’ had come with the coal from the little
girl’s cottage
i) Who are ‘they’ in the above lines?
ii) What does ‘selfless love’ refer to?
iii) Who had shown selfless love and how?
c) “Please help me, Uncle”
i) Who said these words and to whom?
ii) Why did the speaker need help?
iii) What happened after the speaker said these words
6. Handwriting book (p-3 to 45)

1. Answer the following question:
i. What is Hardware? Give 3 examples.
ii. Why the CPU is called the brain of a computer?
iii. What is Software? Give 3 examples.
iv. What is a Program?
v. What is the Operating System of a Computer?
vi. What is an Icon?
Ans: An Icon is a small picture seen on the desktop that represents a file, folder or  a software.
vii. What is Recycle Bin?
Ans: Recycle Bin is a location where all the deleted files and folders are present. It is the dustbin of your computer.
viii. What do you mean by sorting desktop icons?
Ans: Sorting desktop icons means putting them in orders like by name, by size, by items type or by date modified.
ix. How many types of Operating System are there? Name them.
Ans: There are two types of Operating System. They are i. Character User Interface (CUI), ii. Graphical User Interface (GUI).
x. What is Screen Saver?
Ans: A still or a moving picture that appears when the computer is kept idle for sometimes is called Screen Saver.
xi. What is Start Menu?
Ans: A menu that appears when the start button is clicked is called start menu.
2. Name any two: Textbook Page No-28 (all).
3. Tick (√) the correct answer: Textbook Page No- 11, 12, 26.
4. Expand the following: Textbook Page No- 12.
5. Fill in the blank: Textbook Page No- 13 (D & E).

I. Fill in the blanks with the correct nouns
Masculine                                Feminine
1) _______________              a) niece
2) Gentlemen                           b) ___________
3) Prince                                   c) ___________
4) ______________                d) hostess
5) ______________                e) wife
II.Write  statement,questions,command,request or exclamation  against each sentences.
1) How beautiful these flowers look! ___________________
2) Is Simran absent today? ___________________
3) Please pass the salt. _________________
4) Don’t leave your clothes on the bed. __________________
5) Farzana has a glass of milk every day. __________________
III. Underline the Proper nouns in these sentences.
1) Dr Rajendra Prasad was first President of India.
2) The Brahmaputra flows through China, India and Bangladesh.
3) Abhay and Ruhi are the best singers in the group.
4) Coonor is a hill station in Tamil Nadu.
5) The teacher will give the class a spelling test on Thursday.
IV.Match the Subjects with Predicates.
    Subject                                        Predicate
1) Tom and Jerry                            a) loves wearing saris.
2) The peacock                               b) is an hour late.
3) The little puppy                          c) are cartoon characters.
4) My mother                                   d) is the national bird of india.
5) The train from Lucknow          e) wagged its tail with joy
V. Answer the following questions.
1) What is a sentence? Give one example.
2) What is a noun? Give two examples.
3) What is a proper noun? Give two examples.
4) How does a sentence begins and ends?
5) What is a common noun? Give two examples
6) What are the different types of sentences?
7) What is a singular noun?
8) What is the subject of a sentence?
9) Give three examples of masculine gender.
10) Expalin what is request giving one example
VI. Write eight (8) sentences on – My Best Friend.
    Write eight (8) sentences on- Cleanliness
VII.Circle the word that does not belong to the group.
1. Sunday    Friday        April        Tuesday
2. Red Fort    Delhi        Mumbai        Nashik
3. Ocean        Bird        Pond        Lake
4. Owl        Sparrow        Rose        Crow
5. Peas        Potatoes        Trees        Onions
VIII. Rewrite the paragraph with capital letters full stops.(Hints: There are ten sentences in this paragraph.
It was rohan’s birthday party his friends jaspreet, anil, lucy, nina and asad were there rohan’s  mother baked a big cake there were eight candles on it rohan helped his father put up the balloons rohan’s grandmother gave him a yellow shirt, blue jeans and a red cap his grandfather wrote a poem for him rohan got many presents from his friends they sang songs and danced they also played lots of games

I. Write the following answer in One Word.
1) I taste with the help of my special body part called antennae. I love to sit on flowers.
2) You should drink at least 8 glasses of me daily.
3) I am made of seven colours. I am found in the sky generally after rain.
4) Humans love as a pet. I am well-known for my sniffing capabilities.
5) I cannot move on my own. But, I can grow very tall.
II. Fill in the blanks.
1) 206 is to __________ as 600 is to muscles.
2) Puppies grow into  dogs _________ grow into cats.
3) _________ is to think as stomach is to digestion.
4) Just as a _________ breathes through nose, a grasshopper breathes through spiracles.
5) __________ is to blood as lungs is to air.
III. Match the following.
    Column A                    Column B
1) Diaphragm                  a. protects heart and lungs.
2) Fish                               b. breathes through nose.
3) Ribs                              c. carbon dioxide.
4) Humans                       d. sense organs.
5) Exhaled air                  e. breathes through gills                                                                                   
                                           f . Muscles below lungs.                        

IV. Tick( /) the correct answer.
1) How many kidneys do human beings have?
a. One (  )    b. Two (  )        c. Three (  )    d. Four (  )
2)Which of the following does not give birth directly to young ones?
a. Dog (  )    b.Monkey (  )        c. Cat (  )        d. Turtle (  )
3) Many similar ___join together to form tissues.
a.Organs (  )    b. Cell (  )            c. Bones (  )    d. Organ systems (  )
4) Grasshopper breathes through _____
a. lungs (  )    b. spiracles (  )        c. nose (  )    d. gills (  )
5) The brain is protected by____
a. skull (  )    b. eyes (  )        c. hair (  )        d. ribs (  )
V. Short Answer Questions.
1) What is a cell?
2) How does a snake move?
3) Name the five sense organs.
4) What are natural things?
5) Name four animals that lay eggs.
6) Distinguish between :
a) Nose and Stomata        b) Turtle and Horse
7) Unjumble the words and define the following terms. (any 3)
a) ERUERT:     b) GDIESITON:    c) ILAEVOL:    d) IICLA    e) SGOM
VI. Long Answer Questions:
1) What is the role of stomach and intestine in digestion?
2) List any two causes and effects of air pollution.
3) How does growth take place in living things? Explain.
4) What is reproduction ? Give examples
5) Why do living things need food?
6) Distinguish between :      a) Inhale and Exhale        b) Heart and Brain
7) Distinguish between :      a) Bones and Muscles    b) Stomach and Kidney
8) ‘Living things feel’. Explain.
9) Complete the differences between living and non-living things
    Living Things                                                        Non-Living  Things
i) Living things need food, air and water              i) _____________________________
    to live and grow.
ii) _______________________                                 ii) They do not breathe.
iii) _______________________                                iii) They cannot move from one place to another on their own.
Iv)They can feel.                                                          iv) ____________________________
v) _______________________                                v) They do not grow.
vi) They reproduce.                                                   vi) ___________________________
10)Draw a well-labeled diagram of human respiratory system.

1.Write the number names of the following:
a.5012    b.3844    c.9009    d.7916    e.2159    f.9999    g.10,000
2. Write the numbers of each of the following:
a. Three  thousand one hundred nine.
b. Four thousand seventy four
c. Six thousand three hundred ten
d. Nine thousand eight
e. Seven thousand sixty
f. One thousand nine hundred seven
g. Six thousand six hundred fifty
3. Counting by twos, write the numbers between:
a. 3994    and    4004    b. 2643    and    2653
4. Write the place value of the underlined digits:
a. 8923    b.4019    c.4781    d.3237    e.9433    f.8749
5. Write each of the following in short form:
a. 2000 + 300 + 20 + 4 =
b. 4000 + 600 + 10 + 3 =
c. 8000 + 700 + 00 + 5 =
d. 6000 + 400 + 8 + =
e. 9000 + 80 + 7 =
6. Write the successor of each of the following numbers:
a.999    b.4000    c.5949    d. 6370    e. 8010
7. Write the predecessor of each of the following numbers:
a.3249    b. 1000    c.5500    d. 5967    e. 6380
8. Pick out the greatest number:
a. 5238        5436        5534
b. 9425        9725        9825
c. 8357        6375        4781
d. 6719        6287        6782
e. 3659        3596        3695
9. Pick out the smallest number:
a. 4275        4256        4295
b. 9671        4786        1257
c. 8064        8401        8081
d. 5138        5318        5818
e. 3967        3769        2679
10. Arrange the following numbers in ascending order:
a. 5257        8257        3577        9275
b. 7483        7638        8783        6730
c. 2675        3898        2478        2715
d. 6480        6980        7990        7980
e. 5420        5599        6401        5329
11. Round off the following number to the nearest  10
a. 36    b. 53    c. 76    d. 778    e. 8943
12. Write the Hindu Arabic numerals for the following:
a. XXIX    b.VII    c. IV    d. VIII    e.XIX    f. XL    g. XXVI    h.XXIV    i. XXXIX
13. Write the Roman numerals for the following:
a.18    b. 6    c. 21    d.40    e.39    f.50    g.19    h.45
14. Write in columns and add:
a. 5531  +  573  +  2477
b. 2817  +  3789  +  171
c. 4453  +  3274  +  1132
d. 1515  +  5737  +  4222
15.Fill in the boxes:
a. 4372  +  10  =( ________)
b. 97  +  0    =( ________)
c. 7445  +  4475  =( ________)  +  4475
d. 88  +  20  +  19  +  72  =  20  +  19  +  72  +  (________)
e. 540  +  410 +  100  =  140  +  100  +  (________)
16: Subtract:
a. 3257 from 5000
b. 2389 from 7834
c. 5383 from 8160
d. 4187 from 7745
e. 3889 from 8743
17. Solve the following:
a. 3444 + 3256 – 1511 – 2450
b. 7650 -  3586 + 2540 - 1423
c. 4325 + 4270 – 3423 - 2787
d. 5329 - 2652 + 1994 - 1238
e. 2428  + 4353 – 2468 + 3063
18.Find the product:
a. 156 X  7    b.238 X 8    c. 325 X 2    d. 1400 X 9    e. 1728 X 3    f. 2362 X 8
19. Multiply the following:
a. 35        b. 144        c. 43        d. 239        e. 205        f. 75
 X 36        X   15        X  54        X    14        X    42        X 26
------        -------        ------        -------        -------        -----
20. Find the product and fill in the box:
a. 500  X (_____)  = 500
b. 180  X  1 = (______)
c.  39  X  41  = (_____)  X  39
d. 315  X  1  =  1  X  (_____)
e. 156  X  0  =  (_____)
21.Problem sums:
Page 34 : Exercise 3.4 No.1,2,5,8,,9,10
Page 42 : Exercise 4.4 No.2,4,6,7,9,11
Page 55 : Exercise 5.6 No.1,4,7,8,9,10

I. Name the following:
1. The largest planet.
2. First person to go to the moon.
3. A book of maps.
4. The huge water bodies present on the earth.
5. An instrument used to find direction.
6. The highest peak in the world.
7. The smallest planet of the solar system.
8. The vast space above.
9. The two neighbours of the earth.
10. The top most point of the mountain.
11. A high area with flat top.
12. It shines at night.
II. Tick the correct option.
1. The movement of the earth around the sun is known as__
(a) Rotation        (b) revolution        (c) north pole
2. One rotation of the earth takes a period of:
(a) 12 hours        (b) 24 hours        (c) 18 hours
3.The earth is a ____
(a) planet        (b) star            (c) solar system
4. The number of continents on the earth is ____
(a) six            (b) seven        (c) eight
5. A globe is a model of the _____
(a) sun            (b) earth        (c) moon
6. The _____ colour on the map of the world shows water.
(a) red            (b) blue        (c) green
7. The moon goes around the earth in about _____
(a) one month        (b) one year        (c) one day
8.The ______ is the brightest star in the sky.
(a) south star        (b) great bear        (c) pole star
9. The offices of the Central Government are in ___
a) Delhi        (b) Mumbai        (c) pole star
10. The _____ government looks after the Union Territories.
a) states        (b) local        (c) central
11. The most populated state in India is
a) Punjab        (b) Rajasthan        (c) Uttar Pradesh
12. The southern plateau is also called the _____ plateau.
a) Deccan        (b) Thar        (c) Ganga
13. Land surrounded by water on three sides is called ____
a) plateau        (b) peninsula        (c) island
14. Andaman and Nicobar islands are in the
a) Bay of Bengal        (b) Arabian Sea        (c) Indian Ocean
III. Fill in the blanks:
1. The height of Mount Everest is _________ metres.
2. The large area covered with sand is called ________.
3. The Great Indian Desert is also known as the _________ desert.
4. India became independent in _________.
5. India is the ______ most populous country.
6. India has _________ states and _________ union territories.
7. The _______ is at the centre of the solar system.
8. The earth and the _________ revolve around the sun.
9. The __________ is the smallest ocean.
10. The Mariner’s compass  looks like  a ________.
11. The shape of the earth is __________.
12. The layer of air around us is called the ________.
IV. Write True or False.
1. Horizon protects us from direct sunlight.
2. The earth is also called the orange planet.
3. The largest continent on the earth is Europe.
4. The compass has a needle which always points to the North.
5. Delhi is the capital of India.
6. The most populated state in India is Rajasthan.
7. The earth is the only planet which has life on it.
8. Pole star is a comet.
9. The planets move at same speed around the sun.
10. The Ganga and Yamuna flows through the plains and make them fertile.
11. It rains a lot in the desert.
12. The Ganga falls into the Arabian Sea.
V. Match the following states with their capital.
        States                         Capital
    1.Chattisgarh               a. Bhubaneshwar
    2.Goa                              b.Gandhinagar
    3.Odisha                        c.Dehradun
    4.Gujarat                        d.Raipur
    5.Uttarakhand              e.Panaji
    6.Assam                         f.Lucknow
    7.Mizoram                      g.Patna
    8.Punjab                         h.Aizawl
    9.Bihar                            i.Dispur
    10.Uttar Pradesh          j.Chandigarh
    11.Jharkhand                k.Thiruvananthapuram
    12.Kerala                        l.Ranchi
VI.Answer in one word:
1.Who runs the state governmentin India?
2.Which government looks after the welfare of the whole country?
3.Who said  that the earth was like a ball?
4.Which gas is important for life?
5. The sun, the moon, and the stars are called –
6.The science that studies the shape and size of the earth.
7.The time taken by the earth to revolve around the sun.
8.The path that the earth takes around the sun is called_
9.How many Union Territories are there in India?
10.How much of the surface of the earth is water?
VII.Answer these questions:
1.Why is the earth called the blue planet?
2.What is a horizon?
3.Why do sailors use a compass?
4.What is a satellite?
5.Is it possible to live on the moon? Give reasons.
6.What are constellations?
7.Why is India divided into states and union territories?
8.Union Territories have no government like states.Why?
9.What are the main religions followed by the people of India?
10.List the physical division of India.
11.Define a plateau.
12.The sun is a star but it looks bigger than other stars.Why?

1. Varnamala likho-[swar, matra, byenjan]    2. Swar se sabdh banao - as given in class
3. Matra se sabdh banao- as given in class    4. Write 1-20 in words [hindi]
5. Two letter, three letter, four letter words --- Write and learn five each

1. Ch 1: Prarthana ---- i) Write the poem Prarthana    ii) Q No 3 short answer [all]
2. Ch 2: Sonali Haser Golpo ----- i) Q No 3 short answer [all]
3. Ch 3:Prabhat ----- i) Write the poem Prarthana    ii) Q No 3 short answer [all]

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