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EX = 1.1-(1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
EX =1.2 -(1,2,3,4,5)
EX =1.3 -(2,3)
EX =1.4 -(1,2,3)
EX = 2.1-(1,2,3,4)
EX = 3.1 -(1,2,3,4,5)
EX = 3.2 -(1,2,3,4,5)
EX = 4.1 -(1,2,3,4,7)
EX = 4.2 -1) a,b,c,d 2) a,b,d,e 3) a,b,c,d  4) a,b,d,e 5) a,b,c,d 6) All 7) All
EX = 4.3 -1) a,c,d,f 3) a,b,c,d,f,g

1)Essay a. Punctuality b. Cleanliness
2)Letter Thank You Note ( Both )
3)Comprehension Forgetful Fridays
4)Exercises L = (1—A,D,E,F,G,H)
                        L = (2—C,D,E,H,J,K,L)
                        L = (3—A,C,D,E,G)
                        L = (4—A,C,D,E,F,G)
                        L = (5—A,B,C,D)
5)Q/ANS    L = (1—1,2,3,4)
                    L = (2—1,2,3,4)
                    L = (3—2,3,4,5)
                    L = (4—1,2,3)
                    L = (5—1,2)

1) Poem a. God save the beetle b. The Moon
2) Word Meaning L=4 - stagnant pool, panic, poachers
        Pg=51- nervous
        L=6- massacre, governesses
        L=8- destined to make history, gallant
        L=10- frayed look,offered no resistance, in hot pursuit, murder in his eyes
        Pg=98- countless myriads,her lustrous eye, glance                        
        pg=77F—Ill feeling, out of order, at a loss, break the ice, take a chance 
3) Comprehension(Objectives) Page 8—A,D
    Page 36,37—A,D
    Page 52—A,D
    Page 56,57—A,D,E
    Page 76,77—A,D,E
    Page 94,95—A,E
    Page 99—E
4) Read the sentences and answer the questionsGod save the beetle
5) Q/ANS   L=1—1,2,3
6)Home Work - Cursive Handwriting Book (till pg-45)

1)Fill in the blanks: Pg-5,17,23,39
2)True or False: Pg-10,30,34,39
3)Tick the correct option: Pg-9,23
4)One word: Pg-10 C, 20
5)Correct the following statement: Pg-24 C
6)Short Answer: L=1—1,5,6
7)Long Answer:L=1—1,5
8)Challenge:       L=3—2,4,5

L=1: Pg-10 A—1,2,4;         B—1,2,5;      C—1,3,5;      D—1,4,5;    Q/Ans—2,4,5
L=2: Pg-14,15 A—1,3,4;    B—2,4,5;      C—3,4,5;      D—All;        Q/Ans—1,3,5
L=5: Pg-33,34 A—1,2,4;    B—1,3,5;      C—1,2,5;      D—All;        Q/Ans—3,4,5
L=6: Pg-39,40 A—1,3,5;    B—1,2,3;      D—All;          E—1,2,3,4   Q/Ans—3,4,6
L=7: Pg-46,47 A—1,4,5;    B—3,4,5;      C—1,4,5;      D—All;         E—1,3,5;          Q/Ans—1,2,3,6
ANS-1)The climate of Saudi Arabia is hot and dry. The country gets very little rainfall, the humidity is very low and the sun shines bright and hot throughout the year. It sometimes record the world’s hottest temperature. The winters are warm during the day but nights are very cold.
ANS-2)The plants having high resistance and less water requirement like date palm, wheat, barley, hard grasses, cactus, thorny bushes and shrubs grows in the desert of Saudi Arabia. Most of these plants have deep roots in the soil.
ANS-3)1.The Sahara Desert 2.The Thar Desert 3.The Kalahari Desert .The Arabian Desert 5.The Australian Desert
              6.The Colorado Desert 7.The Atacama Desert
Q6.The population of Saudi Arabia is low. Why?
ANS—The population of Saudi Arabia is low because of its vast desert areas which render large parts of the country inhospitable.

Ch: 1
1. Poem - 12 lines    3. Samarth (All)
2. Word meaning - All    4. Questions [ Mukhik] (All) ; [Likhit] : Practice what was given in class
Ch: 2
1. Opposite meaning [Vilom Shabdh] (All)     3.One word (All)
2. Word meaning - All                4. True or False (All)
5. Questions [ Mukhik] and [Likhit] : Practice what was given in class
Ch: 3
1. Word Meaning - All        2. Matching - All
3. Synonymns/ Samanarth - All    4. Make sentence - All
5. Questions [ Mukhik] and [Likhit] : Practice what was given in class
Ch: 5 --- Poem [12 lines]

Subject: Computer
Chapter: 1
Page no 11 Exercise: A Tick (√) the correct answer ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 )
Page no 12 Exercise: B Fill in the blanks. ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 )
Page no 13 Exercise: E Read the clues and fill in the boxes ( one word ) ( 1, 2, 3, 4 )
Short question: -
1. Write down the full form of ENIAC, UNIVAC and BINAC?
2. What was the name of the first calculating device?
3. Who invented COBOL? 4. Who was the first computer programmer?
5. Who invented Turing Machine?
6. Write two examples of second generation computer?
7. What technology was used in Third generation computer?
8. Name the two machine design by Charles Babbage?
9. Name the parts of analytical engine?
Long type question: -
1. Give the features of the second generation computers?
2. Write short notes on Pascaline?

Chapter: 2
Page no 18 Fill in the blanks: - ( 2, 3, 4 )
Answer: 2  = general- purpose    3  = device- driver        4 =  binary language.
Page no 25 Exercise: A Tick (√ ) the correct answers. ( 1, 2, 4, 5 )
Answer:  1.  a. software       2. c. program     4.  a. binary     5. a. application
Page no 25 Exercise: B Write T for True or F for False. ( 1, 2, 3, 4 )
Answer: 1. False    2.  True        3. True        4. False
Page no 26. Exercise: D Name any two ( 1, 2, 3, 4 )
Answer: 1. Microsoft Word,  Open Office Writer
2. Paint,  Tux Paint
3. Microsoft Excel,  Lotus 1.2.3
4. Microsoft PowerPoint,  Corel Presentation
Page no 26 Exercise: E Fill in the blanks. ( 1, 2, 3 )
Answer: 1. System Software 2. Binary. 3.  Assembler, Interpreter and Compiler
Short Question: -
1. How many language translators are there? Name them.
Ans: There are three types of language translators used by a computer: Assembler, Interpreter
and Compiler.
2. What is a program?
Ans:  A program is a set of instruction that tells a computer what to do.
3. What is antivirus?
Ans:  Antivirus is a type of utility software used for scanning and removing viruses from the
computer system.
Long type question: -
1. What are the functions of operating system?
Ans:  Functions of an operating system:
i. It controls all the application software running on a computer.
ii. It assigns the hardware needed to perform a task.
iii. It allocates the memory required for each task.
iv. It helps in the creation and deletion of files and folders.
v. It manages the data stored in the memory.
vi. It keeps track of the processes that the computer performs.

Chapter: 3
Page no 31. Write T for True F for False ( 2, 3 )
Answer: 2. False    3.  True
Page no 36 Exercise: A Tick ( √ ) the correct answers.
Answer: 1. d. Format Painter    2. a. Find      3. d. Replace     4.c. Shape Effects
Page no 36 Exercise: B Fill in the blanks. ( 3, 4 )
Answer: 3. Home.    4. shape
Short Question: -
1. What is the use of the Find option?
Ans: The Find option is used to find the particular word in a document.
2. What is the use of Format Painter option?
Ans: Format Painter option is used to copy and apply the formatting from one piece of text
in a document to another.
Long type question: -
1. Write the steps to change the outline of a shape?
Ans:  Steps to change the outline of a shape: -
Step 1: Select the shape.
Step 2: Click on the Shape Outline option. A drop-down menu appears.
Step 3: Choose an outline color from the menu.
Step 4: Select the type of outline from the Weight and Dashes option.
2. Write the steps to apply shadow to the text in a Word document?
Ans: Steps for applying shadow to the text in a word document: -
Step 1: Select the text.
Step 2: Click on the Text Effects option present in the Font group of the Home tab.
Step 3: Hover on the Shadow option and click on the desired option from the

Subject: Bengali
Ch 1 : i) Q No 3 (all) [short answer]    ii) Q No 4 (1, 2, 3) [ Broad answers]
Ch 2 : i) Write the poem 10 lines         ii) Q No 3 (all) [short answer]        iii) Q No 4 (1, 2) [ Broad answers]
Ch 3 : i) Q No 3 (all) [short answer]    ii) Q No 4 (1, 2, 3) [ Broad answers]
Ch 4 : i) Write the poem 16 lines         ii) Q No 3 (all) [short answer]   

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